Articles of Interest


National Nursing Consortium Speciality Standards Development Guidance 2017


Report of Special Rapporteur on Right to Health


FoNS - Playing our Part - The work of graduate and registered mental health nurses.  An independent review by the Foundation of Nursing Studies.


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Tula Brannelly, Amohia Boulton & Allie te Hiini (2013): A Relationship Between the Ethics of Care and Māori Worldview—The Place of Relationality and Care in Maori Mental Health Service Provision, Ethics and Social Welfare. Click here for a copy.
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Baby M, Glue P, Carlyle (2014). 'Violence is not part of our job': a thematic analysis of psychiatric mental health nurses' experiences of patient assaults from a New Zealand perspective. Issues in Mental Health Nursing 35(9).  Click here for a copy.