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This page provides nurses interested in, or in the process of, applying for a mental health credential with information, articles or online resources.


Title: Introduction to HEEADSSS Assessment

The Werry Centre is pleased to inform you of the free online eLearning module:
Introduction to HEEADSSS Assessment
(Home, Education, Eating, Activities, Drugs and Alcohol, Suicide and Depression, Sexuality, Safety)
The Ministry of Health is leading a cross-agency project looking at improving services for young people with, or at risk of, mild to moderate mental health issues.  The expanded use of the HEEADSSS assessment across Primary Health Care is one of 22 initiatives to be implemented as part of the Prime Minister’s Youth Mental Health initiative.
The Werry Centre has been contracted to develop training for primary level services resulting in a free online eLearning module. The target audience for training includes health care professionals working with young people in Primary Health.  This includes School Nurses, School Counsellors, Youth Workers, Practice Nurses, General Practitioners, Primary Mental Health professionals and Social Workers.
HEEADSSS (Home, Education/Employment, Eating, Activities, Drugs and Alcohol, Sexuality, Suicide and Depression, Safety) promotes a structured framework that increases communication and minimises stress for the young person and the Primary Health Care professional.  The framework allows for early identification of mental health, Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) issues and other information that can help with the young persons development, and can be easily implemented within the Primary Health Care sector.
Please note, this is the latest version of the eLearning – you may have already undertaken a previous version as part of the Pilot or part of the Blended Learning Workshops.
You can access the module via the Goodfellow Unit website
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Title: Rethinking the Mental Health Treatment Skills of Primary Care Staff: A Framework for Training and Research

Brown JD, Wissow LS

Health care reforms may offer several opportunities to build the mental health treatment capacity of primary care. Capitalizing on these opportunities requires identifying the types of clinical skills that the primary care team requires to deliver mental health care. This paper proposes a framework that describes mental health skills for primary care receptionists, medical assistants, nurses, nurse practitioners, and physicians. These skills are organized on three levels: cross-cutting skills to build therapeutic alliance; broad-based, brief interventions for major clusters of mental health symptoms; and evidence-based interventions for diagnosis specific disorders. This framework is intended to help inform future mental health training in primary care and catalyze research that examines the impact of such training.

Title:  Brief Intervention Guide: Addressing risk and harm relating to Alcohol, Tobacco and other drugs and Gambling

Matua Raki has developed this Brief Intervention Guide to support the allied, non-specialist, workforce to provide brief interventions for people who are experiencing problems with substance use and gambling.

The guide has been produced to clarify the purpose of brief interventions and provides a framework and practical guidelines for how to deliver brief interventions from an individual workers perspective and from an organisational perspective.

Title:  Benchmarks for effective primary care-based nursing services for adults with depression: a Delphi study.

MCILRATH C. , KEENEY S. , MCKENNA H. & MCLAUGHLIN D. (2010) Benchmarks for effective primary care-based nursing services for adults with depression: a Delphi study. Journal of Advanced Nursing 66(2), 269–281. doi: 10.1111/j.1365-2648.2009.05140.x

Title:  Alcohol screening and brief intervention in primary health care

Authors:  McGovern R., Kaner E., Deluca P. et al.  Institute of Psychiatry, King's College London, 2012.

This article contains e-links to further information and resources on this topic

Title:  Pregnancy and alcohol cessation toolkit - an education resource for health professionals

Authors:  A collaborative project between Alcohol Healthwatch and the University of Otago, funded by the Ministry of Health

This resource aims to improve health professional’s consultation confidence and competence to optimise the implementation of the Ministry of Health’s practical guide on alcohol and pregnancy.

Associated documents and links

Title: Alcohol and pregnancy: A practical guide for health professionals

Title:  Pregnancy and alcohol cessation toolkit video scenarios

Title:  Identification of common mental disorders and management of depression in primary care

Authors:  New Zealand Guidelines Group

This guideline addresses the identification of common mental disorders and the management of depression in primary care in all age groups.

Title:  BPAC - 4 web based depression modules aimed at primary care

This web-based system is designed specifically to support general practice in the management of a patient’s health through screening, risk assessment, management and referral.  The 4 depression modules available (adult, ante/post natal, young person and elderly) are all nationally funded.

Title:  Mental Health of Older People E-Resource 

Mental Health of Older Peoples (MHSOP) is specifically designed for qualified clinicians working in both community and in-patient settings.It also welcomes service users and their carers, family and whanau to the site.  It identifies both the specific skills (competencies) necessary to work in this expanding clinical area. It also offers an e-learning platform that allows access to peer assessed information that delivers the knowledge required to fulfil each competency.

Title: Smoking Cessation

This New Zealand national strategy provides many nurses with opportunities that contribute to upskilling in mental health and addiction brief intervention including motivational approaches and challenging myths/stigma/discrimination

Online e-learning tool can be found here

STEPS (train the trainer) Workshops - For more information contact Kate O'Brien STEPS Programme Coordinator and National Smokefree ABC Trainer

Smoking Cessation for people with mental illness - A guide for health practitioners

Key messages for mental health services

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