Update on Covid19 Vaccine Support and Implementation

The following links provide College members with a selection of national and international information about the vaccine to help inform and guide your responses to requests for information. We hope you find these helpful and please distribute as required. We also welcome other links and resources that you may have to add to the College resources for members:

This 5-minute video from the WHO official website explains, in lay terms, the actions of the Covid 19 vaccine. 



The following document looks at the psychology of vaccinations, and the drivers of vaccine uptake across five main areas: engagement of people, being part of everyday life, having consistent role models, be non-threatening to people who hold non-vaccination views and finding and enhancing ways to boost vaccine uptake.

https://www.psychologicalsociety.ie/source/Maximising the Benefits of a COVID-19 Vaccine-Getting the Psychology Right (PSI).pdf


For the latest information, guidance, and advice for Aotearoa, please go the Ministry of Health website at:



The following link takes you to the Massey University study on Vaccine uptake in Aotearoa and covers:

1. Coronavirus Vaccine Availability

2. Intention to Get Vaccinated Against Coronavirus

3. Reasons to Get/Not Get Vaccinated Against Coronavirus

4. Support for Restrictions Against Individuals Who Refuse Coronavirus Vaccine

5. Attitudes Towards Vaccination in General




Covid19 Members' Resource List January 2021

We hope that you will find this resource kit helpful. If you have other resources etc. not listed that you have found helpful, please send this information on to the College manager email: manager@nzcmhn.org.nz