Director General of Health - Update 10 June 2020


Director General of Health - Update 4 June 2020


Ministry of Health Link - Information for Specific Audiences


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IASSIDD - International Association for the Scientific Study of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities - COVID-19 Resources


Update from Chief Nurse - Margareth Broodkoorn 17 April 2020


Nursing, ICT and COVID-19 Snowball - Impact on nursing practice of using information and communication technologies as part of the New Zealand COVID-19 response.


COVID-19 - Letter to Credentialed Nurses

COVID-19 - Resources and Links for Credentialed Nurses v1 Aprl 2020


Te Pou PPE Guide 9 April 2020


MoH COVID Policy re student placements


Increasing the capacity of the health workforce to deliver essential health services


Letter from Chief Nurse's Office to Nurse Leaders


Information PPE Equitable Access for disability Service Delivery


Beyond Words - Beating the Virus


Coronavirus and Mental Health


IPC PPP Advice - Putting on PPE


IPC Advice - Removing PPE


Staying Well in Self Isolation


MOH - Easy Read - Info for People coming into NZ from Overseas 16 March 20


MOH - Easy Read - Self Isolation 16 March 20


MOH - Easy Read - What is Coronavirus and COVID-19 16 March 20


MOH - Easy Read - Wht to do if you think you have COVID-19 - 16 March 20


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