Emergency Response Preparation


Mental Health Nurses play a role in contributing to psychosoical recovery in emergency situations.  This page outlines resources available to nurses should you find yourself facing a disaster situation. 



Psychosocial Response in Emergency Situations - the nurses role.  

Reference:  HUGHES F., GRIGG M., FRITSCH K. & CALDER S. (2007) Psychosocial response in emergency situations – the nurse’s role. International Nursing Review 54 , 19–27.

In 2011 the college provided a one day workshop for nurses 6-10 June 2011 presented by two of these authors - Dr Frances Hughes and Dr Margaret Griggs.  This successful workshop was well received by nurses across New Zealand and delivered in 4 main centres.  Not surprisingly, Canterbury had the largest turnout of nurses from across the entire health spectrum.  The College was pleased to be able to offer the Canterbury workshop free of charge.


Nurses Contribution Following an Emergency.

Reference:  HUGHES F. (2011)  Nurses' Contribution Following an Emergency.  Kai Tiaki, 17(8), p33.


Useful Weblinks

New Zealand Civil Defence - An overall perspective on emergency planning in New Zealand, with useful links and information for all New Zealanders in emergency prepardness.

Get Ready Get Thru - a link to this useful site outlining warning signs and practical steps to safety in natural disasters can also be found on the New Zealand Civil Defence website above.

Emergency Services links

New Zealand Fire Service

New Zealand Police

National Rural Fire Authority